Walk In Beauty - Embrace the 13th Moon
Walk In Beauty - Embrace the 13th Moon
Walk In Beauty, Embrace the 13th Moon - The Moon of Change
Walk In Beauty, Embrace the 13th Moon - The Moon of Change

Our Family History

The Family Babble   A blog I created about the Family. (Has Genealogical Information on Surnames in the Family!)




Following is a list of Family Deaths in the recent past.  Over time I will be including genealogies with pictures and stories that I have gathered over the last 30 years of genealogical research.


2007 was a year in which my family saw many members cross over. Memorials of those who have crossed will appear here, with links to their websites. As time permits I will include links to their Online Obituaries.


Llewellyn John Clark - Peaceseeker  March 15 2007

"Mean Uncle John" as many of his neices and nephews affectionately referred to him. Uncle John was the 'disciplinarian' in the family. Everyone knew that when Uncle John said something, you do it!  The consequences would be to see 'mean Uncle John' come out. He wasn't really mean, as my brother Jason would often say 'Uncle John was the one who would tear our butts up when we needed it'. Llewellyn died of Cancer.


Jason Hewitt Armsden                  April 10 2007

Jason, my beloved brother, I looked up to him often growing up, knowing he would always be there for me. He has the heart of a lion as some would say. I very deep love and sense of duty to family and friends.  He was the type, that if you needed his last dollar or even the shirt off his back, he would hand it to you.  I think he learned this from my father who was much the same way. Jason died of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome. 


"Grandma" Pepper    Louvenia Ophelia Ezell Pepper        April 10 2007


Nancy Sue Tinsley Armsden           May 10 2007

Sue, Jason's Wife, was truly his rock.  She was a wonderful friend, sister, mother,  daughter. She was the light of Jason's life and Jason the fuel that kept her life going. The two loved each other so much they truly could not survive apart. I have been told her cause of death was "Multiple Organ Failure".


Lisbeth Anne Armsden - MoonShadow        December 12 2007

Beth was an extremely brilliant and beautiful lady. Imprisoned by disease she led a life some would envy - she was an accomplished writer and artist. She did not let her disability stop her from experiencing Life. A mother, Aunt, Daughter, Sister, Wife. Butterflys and Birds - Both Beautiful, free, loving creations - Much like my sister Beth. Lisbeth died of an Embolism


Anna C Housel Becker         July 15 2012 


Jacqueline L Barnett Cole    July 26 2014


Sally Ethel Ervin Barnett     February 1 2015


Robin L Page                        February 8 2015 


Raymond L Haynes              December 30 2015


Jim Patterson                       February 13 2016


John E Kabina                       March 3 2016


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